Juror's Choice for BEST IN SHOW: Untitled, 2017 © Lindley Warren

It is my pleasure to share the 30 artists that make up FAMILIAR/FAMILIAL. Selecting photographs for this exhibition was immensely challenging— each entrant put forward compelling images that addressed ideas surrounding the theme of familiarity. I truly appreciated the experience of viewing work by so many brilliant artists, as they collectively proclaim the power and importance of personal projects in the realm of contemporary photography. 

My choice for the "Best in Show" is the work of Lindley Warren. It is a black and white image that depicts a child's delicate hands twisting the another person's hair. This simple gesture is presented as a ritual: a performance that is both cryptic and nostalgic. During the jurying process, I kept returning to this photograph because it demonstrates the psychological complexity of personal work- an image that feels incredibly intimate, and, at the same time, unfamiliar. 

— Rachel Jump, juror for FAMILIAR/FAMILIAL


Self-Portrait, 2017 © Rebecca Arthur

Attic, 2011 © Emily Alexander


Regard, "08-13-2017", 2017 © Anna Grevenitis

Getting Ready With Gram, 2018 © Akea Brown

Ski Inn, Bombay Beach, CA (from the series AMERICAN LEGION), 2016 © Mariah Karson


Muffin Pan on Brown, Orange, and White Afghan, 2017 © Amber Eckersley


Arizona Dreaming, 2018 © Jennifer Maiotti

Duplicity, 2016 © Stephanie Taiber


outside, 2016 © Tracy Pitts