Like other art forms, photography is a significant art form with different styles and techniques to deliver the best photograph. Professional photographers usually experiment with different forms of photography, which will not only deliver better pictures but also helps in upskilling their talent. Several technical and other creative skills are essential to master different photography genres.

In this article, we have mentioned the different types of photography and the styles which help deliver the best possible photographs of all times.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography

It is one of the most basic styles that almost all photographers worldwide master. This type mainly aims at capturing the mood and personality of an individual in front of the camera by clicking posed or candid images. This style mainly focuses on the person’s eyes and face with the right backdrop and lighting to convey different tones and emotions of the person. These types of photographs are further characterized into:

  • Engagement photos
  • Senior portraits
  • Professional headshots
  • Family portraits


It is a way of conveying different stories in a newsworthy format. It mainly tells a story of a scene or event by capturing different photographs. However, one of the main prerequisites of this type is to deliver objective and truthful photograms, which is more important than clicking picture-perfect and quality shots. Generally, the work of a photojournalist is published in magazines and newspapers.

Fashion photography

It mainly glamorizes fashion, shoes, clothing, accessories, and other genres related to fashion to make them extremely desirable. These types are also mainly published in fashion magazines and other online platforms. This field requires an eye for detail and the ability to capture picture-perfect and creative photographs. Usually, fashion photographers take full-body headshots which are appealing to the eyes in different lighting and backdrops.

Sports photography

It is one of the growing fields which helps photographers capture events of different sports activities, fan moments, and others. They aim to capture the spirits event and pan across the audience to capture their raw emotions, passion, and drama. They make use of heavy, long lenses which have the ability to zoom with high intensity. It is the highly competitive genre in recent times, where sports and sportspersons are treated like Gods.

Sports photography

Editorial photography

These are also taken for magazine and online news platforms, the quality of which is entirely dependent on the type of text it accompanies. It includes getting shots in different layouts and also involves working with directors and news editors. The field demands professionalism and good communication skills.

Architectural photography

As the name suggests, it mainly deals with capturing the architecture of the interior and exterior portion of diverse structures, interesting colors, designs, and others. These photographers mainly work for building contractors, investors, and others in the architectural business.