If you’re a beginner photographer, these tips and tricks will help you improve your photography instantly. From shooting portraits to landscapes and candids, these simple techniques will give you the tools you need to take fantastic photographs.

Use a framing device

Framing is a technique that helps you to bring focus to the subject of your photo. It can also be used to create more context for the moment you’re photographing.


It’s a very useful tool that helps you to tell a story more interesting. Using it correctly will make your photos look better and give them more impact.

Shoot from a low angle

Shooting from a low angle is a great idea if you want to add a sense of drama or complexity to your photos. It will make your subject seem larger and grander.

Movies often use low angles to show heroes and villains, which can convey power. They can also signal vulnerability.

Paint with light

The key to good photography is light. Learn to capture it; you can make anything work as a subject.

Painting with light is a fun and creative way to take photos. It can also help you become more comfortable with long-exposure photography.

As with all photography shoots involving long exposures, a tripod is essential. This will ensure the camera remains still for your shot and avoid blurry images.

Get low and get close

Getting low and close can produce some remarkable results, especially regarding animals. A good example is the “superman” effect when shooting lions at a distance (the big beasts are usually not too keen on being photographed).

Getting low and getting close can add a lot of fun to your photography, and it also helps you to see things that may otherwise be hidden from view.

Shoot with a fisheye lens

If you want to make your images more interesting, try shooting with a fisheye lens. The extremely wide angle of these lenses makes them ideal for capturing images with a lot of surrounding detail.

fisheye lens

They also create a very unique look that breaks all the rules of framing and perspective. It’s a very creative tool that should be in your arsenal!

 Shoot at night

Shooting at night can be a challenge, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different exposure settings. Getting familiar with your camera’s manual functions will help you adapt to the darkness and take creative shots.

Using a tripod is also key to taking night photos. It allows you to slow the shutter speed and avoid motion blur.

 Shoot candids

Candid photos are a great way to capture a genuine moment. They aren’t as staged or forced as posed images, and they tell stories.

To make your candid photos look good, it’s important to take them quickly. This means using a fast shutter speed and wide aperture. You can also use burst mode to take multiple shots of a scene.

 Shoot with a macro lens

A macro lens lets you capture close-up photos of everything from flowers to insects. It also allows you to experiment with shapes, colors, and composition.

Macro lenses are a great investment and can open up a world of creative possibilities for your photography. However, they require a certain amount of skill to use properly.


 Try pinhole photography

Pinhole photography is a fun and creative way to capture images without the use of a lens. It takes capturing photos back to their simplest elements and is a perfect first step into analog photography.

Constructing a simple pinhole camera is easy. All you need is a light-tight container with a small hole in it.

 Try POV (point of view) photography

Whether you’re shooting from above or below, point of view changes how viewers see your photos. This technique has been used for centuries to create dramatic imagery.

It’s a great way to get creative with your shots and make them stand out. It also allows you to capture scenes that wouldn’t normally be visible.