Roxanne Cottongame is a visual artist interested in the perception of time and place. Through her photographs, she explores such themes as intimacy, longing, and the ephemeral. Cottongame holds a BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas’ College of Visual Art and Design. She is currently based in Dallas, Texas.


2016 - present

© Roxanne Cottongame

© Roxanne Cottongame

When and where did this work begin?

The work developed in response to a transitional period in my life. I felt homesick after moving more than two thousand miles across the country and was thinking about the idea of home and what it means to be away from there. I was initially inspired by both physical and perceived distance - how it feels wanting to be close to someone while being nowhere near them at all. This tension, as well as the tension between the tangible and ephemeral, is what interests me most. I think about impermanence and how quickly things change or disappear, and photograph what I love or want to remember about a certain time. Feeling drawn to occurences of natural phenomena, I embrace reactionary image making and focus on exploring emotional states.

Where do you see this work going?

I see the work continuing over time as I collect additional images and text, eventually evolving into a book or exhibition.

What helps you sustain your current creative practice?

I work as a printmaker/art handler for an art services company and get to work alongside artists everyday. I’m grateful to have supportive teachers that have continued their mentorship outside of school. There are wonderful people in the photography community and I’ve got a solid group of friends that offer encouragement and help me stay focused.

What’s next for you?

Stay tuned! Putting more out there and organizing a group exhibition with other local artists.