West coast born, Hailey is an emerging photographer in the fine arts. Purchasing her own chunky point and shoot in the 8th grade for a family vacation, she soon came to realize the use for the camera wouldn’t just be for sightseeing. Appreciating how the camera could be an outlet for creativity, she began experimenting with photography.

Hailey is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. She is currently residing in Colorado, where she does her best to capture the beauty of the mountains. 


2015 - present

The comfort of familiar sheets. The sound of the rain falling on the window before drifting off to sleep. Good dreams, bad dreams. Good tears, bad tears. Stories told, and heard. Memories created and remembered. 

More than just a bed. 

Sweet Dreams is an ongoing project spanning 2 years and counting, surrounding my fasciation with beds. With no restriction on the device used to capture each bed, the possibilities are infinite. 

When and where did Sweet Dreams begin? 

I'm unsure of when I first started photographing beds, but the pattern of photographing beds came to my attention about 2 years ago while I was in school in New York. Only recently did I get the idea to gather this into a project, as it always felt so natural that it didn't feel like work. These photographs were taken in many locations across the country, and come from different phases of my life.

Where do you see this project going?

This project is something that will probably be never-ending. I'm excited to keep experimenting with different devices to create different results. With this project I don't limit myself to how each photograph is captured, which opens up a lot of doors. Whether it's my phone or one of my film cameras, each photograph tells its own story. Eventually I hope to answer the question; am I just capturing my own memories, or much more?

What helps you sustain your current creative practice?

Recently I've been setting at least one day a week aside to work on my photography. I also find that collaborating with other artists helps me keep my creative juices flowing, and that also keeps me shooting. I'm excited to be working on a collaborative project with my best friend from college, even if she is across the country! In school we would always groan when our professors said "Just keep shooting!", but that really is the way to go.

What’s next for you?

My goal for this project is to keep building up content so I have a sufficient amount to create a series of books and prints. Since this project will be ongoing, I'd love to create several volumes that tell a story throughout the years. Outside of this project I want to constantly keep creating, and show more of my work to larger audiences!

What other artists should we be keeping an eye on?

Delaney Allen, Ben Davis, Cody Cobb, Ahndraya Parlato