I was born in Verona, Italy, in 1982. In 2008 I graduated from Milan Law Statale University and in 2009 I obtained a master’s degree in photography at IED of Venice.

In 2011 I joined Prospekt Photo Agency, Milan. My pictures were exhibited in Italy and abroad (Angkor Photo Festival, Arles Le Nuit de L’Annee, Wonder photo Days Taipei, Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland, DOC Field Barcelona…) and published, among others, on The Sunday Times Magazine, Liberation, MarieClaire, D La Repubblica delle Donne, Internazionale, Sette, L'Espresso, Vanity Fair, Corriere della Sera.
My work has also been featured on several online magazines, such as GUP magazine, Phases Magazine, P3, Art Photo Index, Feature Shoot, Die Nacht, Lens Culture.

Amongst my recognitions are: Tokio Photo Competition, Honorable Mention at Px3 Paris, Cortona New Visions Prize, Streamers/Celeste Prize, Inail Prospekt Award.

Since 2012 I live in Barcelona, Spain, where I work as a freelance photgrapher and photography teacher.



This project (altered archival family pictures + digital photography) is about a house in the Italian countryside, the place where I used to spend the summer during my childhood. When my grandfather died the house remained completely abandoned during many years due to family issues. My parents finally inherited it, so I had the chance to go back to the place, where I stumbled upon a book with a dedication written by my grandmother: "…may this memory be always with you".

I used some titles of the summary of the found book to create my own narratives, which aim, through my personal memories, to describe the human experience of the emotional attachment for a place.

I. SOUVENIRS D'ENFANCE (2016): Old pictures of my grandmother and her sister's childhood and youth that I found in the family house and altered though digital-manipulated interventions.
II. TRAVAIL SPIRITUEL (2011-2016): A journey between the past and the present, revising old pictures and confusing them with new ones, blending memories and expectation.
III. LA GUERRE (2016): Notes about the attempt to bring the house back to life and the permanent contradiction between the struggle against decadence and the fascination with it.

© Diambre Mariani

© Diambre Mariani

When and where did The Last Summer begin?

The project began in around 2010. The moment when I was finally able to visit the house again, after many years in which it hadn’t been possible, I felt a very strong connection with the place, something that surprised me. It was a beautiful chance, though, to reflect on my ambiguous relationship with my roots, intended both as geographical and familiar autobiographical datas. Through the photographic project I could somehow reappropriate my past, learning about family’s stories that I hadn’t heard of before, living the house being an adult, questioning myself about where and how I wanted to live.

© Diambre Mariani

Where do you see this project going?

I made many attempts before achieving the final editing, and I do not exclude to work more on it in a future, maybe adding new chapters according to my life’s changes and evolution. Older versions of this project have been published online and on independent magazines, while the most recent is still unpublished, even though it was amongst the finalists of Streamers/Celeste Network Prize and exhibited at Fotoleggendo in Rome. Some of the pictures of The Last Summer form part of a new project I’m developing together with the Italian photo-editor and curator Maria Teresa Salvati. It’s called This is the only way of love I know, it is a text+photo project in which we re-use images from my archive in order to tell a new story, which was written by her. It is going to become a book, we are at the moment working on the dummy.

What helps you sustain your current creative practice?

My experience as a teacher, here in Barcelona, is a great source of inspiration. The Argentinian photographer Vale Dranowski and me are starting in October a new edition of our workshop focused on self-portrait practice, which combines photography and poetry as tools for self representation. It is called “Una cercanía más profunda” (A deeper closeness). Photography, literature and poetry are my main interests, so it is great to have the opportunity to work in this field. I am also member of the artistic collective “Prostíbulo Poetico” (Poetry Brothel) in which I perform as a poet.

What’s next for you?

I am trying to develop a new project (text+photos) about my experience of living between many different languages. I am Italian, I live in Barcelona, where Spanish and Catalan coexist, I often work in English, I spend a lot of time in Vienna, my partner is Serbian… I often feel I am “lost in translation” and I would like to focus on this experience, which is very common nowadays.